I’ve got a wonderful offer at work. Course of business English with a teacher in some small groups. Finally, I could practice my language an find something new in studying. It is a great opportunity to me. But first of all, I have to write an essay «My role model in Business». What if I have no such model? Well, I will try to find an exit from this situation on weekend. Probably, I’ll try to find some business articles in the internet to make my own essay. Will see what I can do.

In an hour, it was born by me.
My role model in business.
Many people of the world have a role model in business and in social life. As for me I have no such role model, because every man is unique, I think, and I can’t lay on some role models in my own life. I prefer constructing of my personal model of business and social relationship. As I never suppose to anybody, I can’t even imagine finding an appropriate role model. But I have some business authorities. I usually reed Forbes Woman. There were some articles about businesswoman who have a booming business and a lot of children. I admire their courage and fine workmanship to make their own life`s so saturated and complete. And I’ll definitely seek to make my life as successful as theirs.

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